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5 things I no longer believe about weight loss – Part 1 (of 3)

Weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry – an industry where there is a LOT of noise.

In my opinion, far too much noise, especially when you compare the “noise” to the amount of people still trying to lose weight.

Obesity rates are increasing at an alarming rate – and I believe a strong factor in this is that many people are still searching for a “quick fix” when it comes to weight loss.

Around 4 years ago I did a food intolerance test with a nutritionist. It was part of an assignment I had to complete at college. I went in there thinking that I ate a pretty healthy diet, and there was very little they were going to tell me I needed to change.

Wow was I wrong.

My test results showed that I was intolerant to gluten, dairy, soy – eek!

What was I going to eat?

My diet at the time consisted of:
• sourdough toast with avocado and cheese for breakfast,
• a full-cream milk latte with a muesli bar mid-morning,
• a feta cheese and tuna salad for lunch,
• banana bread or fruit for an afternoon snack (sometimes with a piccolo latte),
• meat and roast veggies for dinner
• and of course, some type of milk chocolate or sometimes a hot chocolate as a study snack at night

Pretty healthy, right? (Or so I thought at the time…)

Not much soy…but a fair amount of gluten and dairy – and if I couldn’t have dairy or soy, what was I going to have in my latte? (this was very important as I had a full study load at college and NEEDED my latte to get me through my mornings…)

To cut a long story short – I had a complete change in my way of eating over the three months that followed this test (please e-mail  me at dina@dinasavitz.com if you’d like to find out more about the test).

The real reason I was happy to keep going?

I was losing weight – and I wasn’t focusing on it at all…it was just happening naturally.

My body shape was changing, I wasn’t exercising like crazy (although I was still exercising) and the numbers on the scale just kept going down.

Why was I losing weight?

I had removed my triggers. The foods that were causing my body to be inflamed, to be in a state where it could not lose weight, because there were too many things in the way – my food triggers were just one of these things – but a major one that helped me move forward and lose weight effortlessly.

I had thought I was eating “healthy” before I did this test – but what I learnt is that the definition of healthy changes from person to person.

Over the past few years, through a lot of research, as well as trial and error with myself and my clients, I have discovered a lot about weight loss, and the following is the start of my list of 5 things I no longer believe about achieving a bikini body for summer (the rest of the list is coming soon in my next posts):

1. A bikini body can NOT be achieved in a set period of time such as 6 or 12 weeks, like many programs tell you. It takes a much longer time – especially if you want it to last longer than summer – and every person will be different, depending on where their start point is

2. Food is THE most important thing when it comes to weight loss – exercise is important, but it’s secondary for weight loss. If food is not addressed first, there will be no weight loss at all

While it’s taken me many Springs and Summers to realise #1 on this list, #2 was revealed to me quite early on, when I removed my own triggers for inflammation (dairy, gluten and soy) from my diet.

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Dina x

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