5 things you NEED to know about GINGER

Over the past few weeks, I have found myself repeatedly talking about ginger with various clients. Whilst many people are familiar with ginger as a side dish when eating sushi, few are aware of the healing effects that ginger provides.

Ginger is considered a herb, with the botanical name Zingiber officinale, it really is the definition of food as medicine.

While the weather is still a little chilly, the warming properties of ginger make it an excellent herb for improving peripheral circulation – say goodbye to cold hands and feet!

It is effective for arthritis as it is highly anti-inflammatory – which also means it can be used to decrease any inflammation that is present in the body – such as sore muscles from exercise, spraining an ankle, and even period pain (it’s a much healthier anti-inflammatory than popping an ibuprofen!)

As a metabolic stimulant, ginger can be eaten to help with digestion – and likewise can be used for nausea, especially in pregnancy (in low doses).

So there you have it – 5 medicinal uses for ginger:

  1. Cold Hands and Feet
  2. Arthritis
  3. Period Pain
  4. A Natural Anti-Inflammatory
  5. For Digestion and Nausea

Include it in your diet today – add a little to a vegetable juice or cook it up in a stir fry!

And no, this does not include chocolate coated ginger (as one client asked…)

Let me know how you like your ginger by commenting below.