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Dina Savitz

Being healthy does NOT have to be expensive + recipe for my “cheap” protein cacao balls

While I’m not a foodie and you will rarely see me post recipes or specific food related blogs, today’s post is an exception.

You see, this post has stemmed from a frustration of mine – I am sick of hearing that people are spending a fortune on their health.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

While I will admit that some of the top quality supplements are priced a little higher than your supermarket brands (with good reason!), I generally try to limit the amount of supplements I prescribe my clients as I believe that being healthy should not cost the earth.

And I also believe that a lot can be achieved through diet alone.

I now know of two different lovely ladies who, on their own individual quests to improve their health, left health food stores having spent $85+ on ingredients for protein balls. As much as I respect them for making an effort to be healthy, it upsets me to hear that it cost them so much.

And I can understand how tempting it is  to grab a Mars Bar for $1 at the checkout.

So last week I set out on a mission to prove that being healthy is not expensive.

I shopped at ALDI, and the ingredients I bought were not organic, but they were still pure and whole, in their unprocessed state. I worked out that I spent a total of $12 and made over 20 balls – call them cacao balls, protein balls, bliss balls, healthy chocolate balls or whatever other fancy name you desire…they were delicious, healthy and easy to make – here’s the recipe:

image (7)Ingredients

  • 1 cup raw almonds (or any other raw nuts such as walnuts, cashews, macadamias, hazelnuts etc)
  • 1 cup medjool dates (pitted)
  • 3 tablespoons cacao powder (this is just raw cocoa powder, you can use regular cocoa powder too)
  • Coconut water (as required)
  • Dessicated coconut (for rolling balls)


Place the nuts in a food processor and process until they are ground as finely as possible. Then, add the dates and keep processing until the nuts and dates have combined into a thick mixture. Then, slowly add the cacao powder, keeping the food processer on.

The trick to making the balls a little smoother (and more fudge-like) is to slowly add coconut water, while the food processer is on, until it looks a little like this:

Once you have achieved your desired consistency (you can taste it to check!), form the mixture into balls and roll them in the coconut.

Refrigerate to help them set.

Quick, cheap and easy to make – enjoy your healthy chocolate and if you make them, post a photo to my facebook page to show me your creations 🙂



Dina Savitz helps people discover how a regular exercise regime, small improvements in diet and individualised natural medicine can help improve their energy levels and overall health. As a naturopath and personal trainer with over 12 years experience, Dina works with clients both online and in person.