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Effortless Fat Loss

Welcome to Effortless Fat Loss – please click on the video below, and then follow the instructions underneath the video for what to do next 🙂


As you saw in the video, the best way to work through this program is as follows:

  • Start with Module 1
  • Watch the video and take notes
  • Complete the action step at the end of the video

Only once you have done these 3 steps, can you move on to Module 2.

The length of time it takes you to complete each module will vary – depending on how long you have available to spend viewing the video and completing your action steps – as well as taking time out to process the information you have learnt.

It might be tempting to race forward to modules 3 and 4 – but I encourage you to follow the process in order – as this program has been carefully designed so that you cover some groundwork before the “how-to”.

As you might have noticed, you can navigate around the program using the menu on the right of your screen.

Now – click on Module 1 to get started.