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Feeling blah? 5 tricks to feeling great, ASAP

Are you one of the many people who took advantage of all the public holidays over the last couple of weeks (as well as school holidays!) and now that the cool weather has kicked in you’re feeling like your feet are dragging along the floor…and you’re not quite sure how to pick them up?

You’re definitely not alone.

Today I’m sharing some tips to help you get your energy levels up…and keep them up throughout winter (so that the cold weather doesn’t make you want to crawl back into bed and stay there for the day).

Here are my top 5 tricks to feeling great:

1. Have some magnesium – it’s become a little bit of a running joke among my friends and family (see my previous post here) but magnesium really is an amazing energy booster as it activates ATP in the body (which helps create energy), it helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and it also improves your mood (and if you’re happier, you’re likely to have more energy). So this is your reminder to TAKE YOUR MAGNESIUM DAILY! 🙂

2. Take a break from screens – sitting in front of screens all day is a massive energy zapper. I understand if you need to do it for work – but you don’t need to be looking at social media, sports scores and texts on your phone in between as well. If you find you’re addicted to opening certain apps on your phone, try out the flora app – it’s something I’ve been using personally to help boost productivity, and I love it! You get to plant trees (yesssss!) and you can’t leave the app for the 25 minutes in which it takes to plant the tree. Also, it’s social so you can plant trees with friends, and make it a bit of a competition. It helps stop you from mindlessly scrolling or opening apps on your phone that you really don’t need. Highly recommend!!!

3. Eat more protein  – protein insufficiency is the number one thing I see in people’s diets in my clinic. It’s super important to eat adequate amounts of protein throughout the day, and depending on your goals, you may not be anywhere near the recommended amounts, especially for breakfast (which is really the most important time of the day to get it right so that your energy is stable for the rest of the day). Aim for at least a 20g serve of protein at every meal plus around 10g per snack.

4. Get up and move – I would normally write “exercise” here, but I think many people equate the word exercise with something hard and unachievable, especially if they haven’t done much exercise in a while. However fit you’re currently feeling, getting up and taking a short walk around the block or doing 5 minutes of stretches, or even 5 minutes of burpees will start to get your blood flowing better and help improve your energy – resulting in you feeling better! (no excuses!)

5. Try some energy boosting herbs – this is one of my personal go-to’s when I need a boost. Adaptogens are a class of herbs which are great at improving your body’s ability to adapt to stress and restore balance. I love mixing up liquid herbs and taking them daily or if this isn’t so convenient, I’ll take the herb in tea form. In fact, I took a break from writing this post to make myself a cup of tulsi tea. Tulsi is an Indian herb known as the “queen of herbs” for its restorative properties, helping to increase energy, restore balance and harmony. You can pick up a box in your local health food store.

If you’d like to find out more ways to improve your health and start feeling great, you can book in for a consultation with me online by clicking here.

I’m also participating in Natural Medicine Week 2019 by having a clinic open day – I’m offering 5 minute free mini consultations, specifically designed for mums and kids health, but it’s open to everyone – you can click on this link to book in, make sure you book for Tuesday 21st May.

Wishing you a week filled with energy and feeling fab,

Dina x

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