Dina Savitz

Give Me a Dandy Mum

As an Aussie, I’m sure you’re familiar with the popular (and very repetitive) mandarin ad that seems to pop up every couple of years.

Give Me a Dandy Mum!

I’m taking the “give me a mandy mum” and replacing it with DANDY – or dandelion in full – the beautiful herb that grows abundantly in nature. If you’re familiar with dandelions…you’re probably not so convinced that they are a beautiful herb – especially as they tend to be a weed that pops up (all too often) in your backyard. 

Why should you care about a backyard weed?

Because there are numerous health benefits that the humble dandelion can offer – starting with detoxification.

Does this sound like you?

“People who have a tendency to cram far too much into their lives…so full of enthusiasm for life that they take on too much and become compulsive ‘doers’. They overplan and overstructure their lives in an effort to fit in everything they want to do and leave little room for relaxation or reflection, until the point is reached where they no longer know how to be quiet or relaxed” – Ann McIntyre, on the type of person suited to the Dandelion flower essence.

Personally, I feel that this applies to most people I know – there is no OFF button!

Dandelion is therefore very effective for many people to use in a detoxification program (please note, there are certain conditions and medications where dandelion should NOT be used, consult with your healthcare practitioner who can advise you accordingly)

As a herb, dandelion is effective for increasing elimination of toxins via the liver and kidneys as it is a bitter tonic, which works by stimulating digestive juices and improving digestion.

How can you reap the benefits of dandelion?

Dandelion can be taken in a herbal tonic, a herbal tablet, as a herbal tea, or you can ask for it at your local cafe as a dandy latte – not as healthy as straight up dandelion, but it can be a healthier alternative to your regular skinny latte.

Dina Savitz helps people discover how a regular exercise regime, small improvements in diet and individualised natural medicine can help improve their energy levels and overall health. As a naturopath and personal trainer with over 12 years experience, Dina works with clients both online and in person.