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Health Kickstart

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Have you been feeling tired, run down or a bit under the weather lately?

Do you wish you had more energy to do everything you want to do every day?

In just 21 days, you can start to feel energised, vibrant and ready to take on the world…well, just about 🙂

The 21 day Health Kickstart program is kicking off 10th June 2014 

The program will be delivered online, straight to your inbox, and you will have the opportunity to be supported throughout the 21 days by joining our discussion group on facebook 

The 21 Day Health Kickstart Program includes:

– Clear instructions on how to kickstart your health over the 21 days

– A complete 7 day meal plan, you simply have to choose what you want to eat

– A shopping list with recommendations of specific products to buy

-Recipes for simple breakfast, lunch/dinner + snack ideas

-Exercise Programs you can do at home

– 24/7 support via a closed facebook group

– E-mails throughout the 21 days with special detoxing practices

This program is based upon eating plans and detoxing practices that I apply in my clinic when my clients are looking to be energised, revitalised, or want to shift some stubborn weight. This detox is NOT about juicing, fasting or taking detoxing supplements – it is about eating real food and setting some new, healthy habits for yourself. The program is applicable for any healthy individual and with the recommended 7-day eating plan, it is easy to implement into your daily routine.

Not sure if the program is for you? Here’s what Kelly had to say about the Spring detox last year…

Dina showed me a whole lifestyle approach to healthy living –I would recommend it to anyone wanting to get healthy following a natural, gentle approach which will fit in with your life – Kelly R

What exactly is the program all about?

This 21 day program has been developed as a food based package to kick-start your journey to better health. It is designed to reduce the daily toxic load your body is subjected to. From a naturopathic perspective, it is recommended that you carry out a detox program or change in your regular diet every three months – and it is especially beneficial when there is a change of season.

There are some researchers who say that it take just 21 days to change a habit – following the 21 day detox program, the possible benefits you could expect to see include:

– A clearer mind – Glowing skin – Better results with your training – A happy tummy (no more bloating!)

Sign up today by clicking here (please note, paypal may not work in safari)

Stay tuned for your detox details to arrive in your inbox which will provide clear instructions on what you need to do to prepare for the detox starting June 10th 2014