Dina Savitz

I wish you would ask me “is this food nourishing” instead of “is this food fattening?”

If I think about the number one question I receive as both a personal trainer and naturopath in relation to food – it would have to be:

“Is this fattening?”

I would be a millionaire by now if I had $1 for every time I have been asked this question.

Every single person is different.

What a piece of chocolate may do for one person (in terms of putting on weight or losing weight), is completely different to what a piece of chocolate may do for another person.

Regardless of how many calories the side of the packet claims are in that piece of chocolate.

The concept that eating a bar of chocolate will take “x” amount of time to burn off, just doesn’t make sense to me.

The concept that a workout which is 45 minutes long will burn approximately “y” amount of calories is another non-sensical statement.

I remember when I first started exercising and looking into losing weight – this idea fascinated me.

I loved knowing that a high intensity workout could burn hundreds of calories…

Except, as I progressed in my journey…I discovered that even if I didn’t exercise after eating foods high in calories – I still lost weight.

I realised that the concept of calories being burned after certain amounts of exercise is just not true – it may have worked for one person once upon a time, but it is definitely not the case for everyone.

Me included.

I wish the word fattening was not in the dictionary.

I wish you ate food because it made you feel good – and didn’t worry about whether something will make you fat or not. Because there’s a lot more involved in losing weight than just the food you’re eating.

If you really want to know what is “fattening”…here’s my list of 10 things that are stopping you from losing weight:

1. Eating on the go and shovelling food in faster than you made it

2. Eating fast food – it’s called fast food because it’s cooked without your best interests in mind (with very little quality nutrients)

3. Eating without thinking about what you are eating (mindless eating…)

4. Eating when you are actually thirsty and have not had enough water to drink

5. Obsessing over every food that enters your mouth – so much so that your body is scared of when it will next receive food so it holds on to your fat

6. Chewing gum – this is a pet peeve of mine that I see a LOT when people are trying to lose weight – putting something else in your mouth is not going to stop you from consuming foods (in fact, often chewing gum makes you hungrier!)

7. Eating “low fat” foods (this usually means high sugar!)

8. Drinking “diet” drinks (filled with artificial sweeteners your body does not recognise as food, but stores as fat)

9. Consuming chemicals which have no resemblance to the food that is grown in the ground (take a look at the list of ingredients on any packeted food – do you recognise them as fruits and vegetables?)

10. Over-exercising (you know, when you went for an extra long run because you binged on an entire cake last night after dinner…)

Please, do me a favour.

Next time you hear your brain think “this is fattening…” – stop yourself. Turn that thought to a question: “is this nourishing?” and then consider whether you are going to place that food into your mouth.

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Have a week filled with nourishing foods 🙂

Dina x

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