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Immunity Boost

Have you been feeling a little under the weather (with this cooler weather..)?

The temperature has dropped and you can feel a sore throat coming on.

Or maybe your nose has started to run every time you try to go outside in the cooler weather.

It’s important to prepare your body for the cold weather.

As a naturopath, I have the tools to help you improve your immune system, boost your circulation and protect you from viruses that are flying around.

While allopathic medicine has cold and flu tablets to help deal with a cold once you catch it Рnaturopathic medicine has vitamins, minerals and herbs which all work together to support your body, and stop you from getting a cold in the first place.

In the lead up to winter, your body needs extra support.

Special Offer for July:

Initial Naturopathy Consultation + Immune Boosting Herbs for $160 (save $25)

Together, we will take 1 hour to discuss your health, come up with a plan specific to your needs, and you will leave with a herb mix to support your body and stop you getting sick.

For more information and to book in, send me an e-mail at dina@dinasavitz.com

Or to book in online click here