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Respond to your body and mind

Are you sick of feeling tired all the time, unhappy with the way you look and wish there was a magic pill to help you feel (and look) amazing, all day, every day?


Most people aren’t living life at their fullest – whether it’s ongoing pain, low mood or anxiety, or feeling like they’re dragging their feet through their day, only to struggle with falling asleep and then having to wake up the next day to repeat this all over again. 


Another way of thinking

Well – I’m not exactly here to wave a magic wand and produce a magic pill.

But I do believe that I can show you how you can wake up feeling refreshed on a morning, eat nutritious food throughout the day that supports and nourishes your body, exercise and move in a way that works for you and discover herbal medicine and other natural remedies that help you feel well again, and stay that way. 

I signed up to Dina’s program because I felt like I needed to start thinking about me. When my baby was born, I started putting her needs before my own, and this was the first time in 9 months I started to think about myself. The program helped guide me through what foods to eat, how to incorporate exercise at home while still looking after my baby and gave me an opportunity to change my mindset. The program is balanced, you’re not pushed into an uncomfortable place but you’re pushed enough to be motivated to change. The 6 week program has given me a great foundation which I am excited to keep working on implementing into my daily routine. I highly recommend signing up to the program if you’re looking for help with motivation and advice that helps you fill your own cup first!
Jo-Elle, mum of 1 September 5, 2019
I didn’t realise I’d enjoy the exercise as much as I did…it really helped me feel good. If you’re wanting help with getting started with weight loss, fitness and feeling better, then you need to do this program as it helps you be accountable. I feel lighter and healthier, my body has changed shape, and I discovered that even though I’m a mum and lead a crazy life, I can still find time for myself and feel good.
Shira, mum of 2 September 5, 2019
If you’re someone who gets nervous that trying a new health regime will mean starting something you’ll easily fail at, that’s not the case for this program. Dina’s program has a gradual introduction, is not overwhelming and is definitely do-able for mums.
Lili, mum of 3 September 5, 2019

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Special Interest Areas

Nutrition, Naturopathy, Personal Training

Metabolic syndrome and pre-diabetes

Managed with diet, exercise and herbal medicine.

Fatty liver

Certain foods and supplements can help

Gut Health

All disease begins in the gut and simple modifications can help digestion.

Anxiety, depression and low mood

Changes to diet and addressing nutrient deficiencies can help you start feeling good again.

Food intolerances

What you eat may be contributing to your health issues, let me help you find any hidden intolerances.

Insomnia and other sleep issues

Everyone deserves a relaxing night's sleep - specific herbs can help.