Dina Savitz

Mondayitis + My New Program

It’s been a bit of a funny day for me…and just as I was just thinking about all the oddities of the day so far, I stumbled across this quote:

“In order to experience, accomplish and create amazing things, you must be willing to tolerate a certain amount of discomfort.

The quality of your life is directly proportionate to your capacity to tolerate uncomfortable feelings — and take the next step, anyway.” 

Courtesy of the always inspiring Alexandra Franzen.

It made me realise…my strange day was simply that – an uncomfortable one.

Not like my usual Monday morning…a few clients had shifted around and I had an extra meeting plus a Skype consultation right in the middle of the day…not to mention, my new Garmin vivofit was screaming at me to get out for a walk (those red lines can get pretty ugly!)

When I really sat down to think about my discomfort – I realised it’s nerves.

I am about to launch my brand new online program.

I have been working on this program for months. Writing scripts, filming videos, changing things around, adding and removing and continuously modifying finer details until I reached a moment on Friday that I was finally happy with my program.

Yet, I wasn’t ready to launch it on Friday.

And it seems, today I’m still not yet ready.

But I’m going to “fight” my nerves – these uncomfortable feelings I am having – and just launch it. As Alex would say, I am going to take the next step anyway.

I hope this week is filled with moments of discomfort, which are then followed up with accomplishments and amazing things.

With butterflies in my tummy, I’m off to the gym.

Dina x

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