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Dina Savitz

My favourite natural remedies for colds & flu

It’s a little cold outside…and it seems there are lots of viruses flying around inside!

8.30pm. 11pm. 1am. 2am. 3am…5am – the numbers on my clock that I have repeatedly seen over the past few weeks. Accompanied by uncomfortable screams, sniffles and strange seal noises.

A few weeks ago my 9 month old baby caught a cold (poor bub!).

And then he gave it to me (argh!).

And then we both got progressively worse…runny nose turned into chesty cough that kept both of us up (and my husband too) through the night.

Times like these make me grateful that I’m a naturopath…and I have been making very good use of my natural medicine cabinet over the past few weeks (with a little bit of Panadol thrown in when needed).

Pre-baby if someone asked me (or their GP) what the number one treatment for colds and flu is, the response I would give was hydrate, rest and sleep as much as possible.

With a baby, when they are sick, sleep doesn’t come so easily.

That’s where my favourite natural remedies for cold and flu come in:

1. Andrographis –  my absolute favourite herb! It is very effective at enhancing your immune system (goodbye acute bacterial, viral or parasitic infections). Taken in liquid form, it can be combined with other amazing immune boosting herbs to form a powerful tonic specific to your condition, whether it be a dry or wet cough, fever or runny nose for example.

2. Zinc – this comes in at a very close second to my liquid herbs above! Zinc plays a big role in the immune system and has been shown to inhibit the growth of several viruses. Increasing your daily dose will encourage your body to recover faster.

3. Chicken soup – you can’t go past a good pot of freshly made chicken soup (there’s a reason it’s been around for years…it actually works!). Chicken soup contains the amino acid cysteine which strengthens your immune system. Be sure to add garlic and onion to your soup for the added immune boost!

If you’d like to find out how natural remedies can help you recover from your own cold or flu, please get in touch with me (you can send me an e-mail at dina@dinasavitz.com).

I offer acute consultations – they’re basically mini appointments where you describe your cold and flu symptoms and I prescribe some herbs and other odds and ends to help you recover fast. The consultations don’t take long (who has time to sit for hours with a sick baby!)…and the remedies are very effective at helping you get back to your usual self as soon as possible!

Here’s to a week of sun and getting over colds and flu 🙂

Dina x

Dina Savitz endeavours to make the world a healthier place by inspiring people to make time to look after themselves and use more natural medicine. As a naturopath and personal trainer, she integrates traditional natural medicine with current scientific research relating to diet and exercise in face-to-face & Skype consultations as well as through her online programs.