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Nutrition Skype Consultations

Food Sensitivity Testing – Further Skype Consultations

Thank you for your enquiry for further Skype Nutrition Consultations.

As you have already had a food sensitivity consultation, you are not required to have an initial consultation and are entitled to a discounted follow up consultation.

Pre-payment for skype consultations is appreciated.

You can select either a one-off consultation or a package:

Nutrition Skype Consultation – 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes

If you would simply like further nutritional and dietary advice, please select from one of the following:

Skype Consultation – Please select:

Nutrition Skype Consultation – packages

If you would like a series of consultations, including advice regarding supplements, please select from one of the following:

Skype Consultation Packages – Please select:

Once you have paid for your consultations – please click here to book in. If you would like another time to those available, please e-mail dina@dinasavitz.com to