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“I booked an appointment with Dina in an attempt to improve my immune system as over the last 6 months, I’ve been sick repeatedly with identical symptoms – sore throat and ears, congested sinuses and fever…after three appointments, I have to say that on the whole I feel brilliant – even if some days I feel tired or my ears/throat flare up a bit, I know it will be gone the next day if I take it easy and take some of the herbal elixir you put together…I feel my body is stronger and happier – which is such a blessing in this horrible weather.” – Angela Z, Maroubra (June 2016)


“I came to Dina wanting more energy and less food cravings and really enjoyed hearing her holistic point of view about natural remedies. She prescribed me some herbs and I honestly didn’t think they would help me…but after just two weeks I feel like a different person. I’d recommend Dina to anyone who says they’re tired or low in energy…the consult process is really in depth and looked at every aspect of my health. I just think the herbs are amazing and Dina’s lifestyle suggestions helped me feel so much better” – Harriet B, Potts Point (June 2017)