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Thrive (not just survive) this year on Pesach

A few years ago (4 to be exact), I published a blog post about healthy eating over Pesach. You can check it out by clicking here – but if you want a brief summary, I pretty much said the following:

– don’t worry or stress about your eating (as that puts more strain on your nervous and digestive systems)

– try limit your matza intake (because nobody likes having a matza baby…and matza is high in carb and low on a satiety scale)

– alternate your wine with water (to help get that matza baby out…and to support your liver)

– try out intermittent fasting (basically not eating from after seder until lunch the next day to give your body a rest and a chance to digest everything from seder)

– drink some lemon juice in water (as a support for your liver)

– use pesach as a mini cleanse and also;

– allow yourself some treat meals

Life has changed a little bit for me over the past 4 years – both in my business and in my personal life – as I’ve now got 2 kids…which means I have more mouths to worry about feeding but it also means  I’ve started seeing a lot more kids in my clinic – so I’ve had to develop a few more hacks to get me through (general life as well as) the 8 days of Pesach.

So whether you’ve got kids too, or you still eat like you did when you were a kid – hopefully this post has some ideas for you so that you don’t “starve” this year. But really – I’d love for you to thrive, and not just survive Pesach 2019.

Because I’m super organised this year (something I keep telling myself so that I will soon believe it to be the case), I’ve organised this post into categories – breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks…and I’ve even got a free 1 page summary you can download by clicking here or the link at the bottom of the post.

I’ve had requests for ideas for multiple breakfast options, lunchboxes, morning tea for the little ones, as well as a focus on carbs (because, I quote “I don’t want to be constipated on matza for 8 days and what else is there to eat that’s a carb?”)…so here’s my list – I’ll be making some of these things during Pesach and posting them on instagram – make sure you’re following me @dinasavitz so you get the recipes!

Ideas for Meals over Pesach:


  • Pancakes made with almond meal, berries and cinnamon
  • Potato flour crepes with almond butter
  • Omelettes with mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, olives and cheese
  • Green smoothie with cashews or almonds, avocado, spinach, mango, banana and water


  • Mini frittatas made with eggs, mushrooms, leek, celery, tomato, capsicum and parsley
  • Potato flour wraps filled with tuna/salmon/meat/chicken and coleslaw
  • Beef burgers with potato salad, roasted broccoli and cauliflower
  • Salmon patties with sweet potato mash and rocket salad with fetta and roast pumpkin


  • Almond battered chicken schnitzel, sweet potato chips and salad
  • Grilled salmon with potato wedges and red cabbage salad
  • Slow cooked veal or beef with quinoa tabouli
  • Lettuce cups with minced beef, onion, mushrooms and cashews served with pumpkin soup


  • Raspberry and peach muffins made with almond meal as a base
  • Cashew butter on dates
  • Savoury muffins with walnut meal, cauliflower, leek and parsley
  • Date and coconut balls or slice
  • Carrot, celery, cucumber and capsicum dipped into guacamole and baba ganoush
  • Kale chips, carrot chips, zucchini chips

Wishing you a Pesach filled with healthy foods, a happy tummy and relaxing time spent with family,

Dina x

PS Here’s the link again to download a 1 page summary of ideas for what to eat this Pesach 🙂

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