Dina Savitz

When Did You Last Feel Inspired?

I cannot recall the number of times I have walked out of a seminar, workshop or talk and thought “Wow – that was life changing!”

I cannot recall the number as there have been so many of these moments in my life.

I can, however, tell you how many times I have acted upon what I have learnt from these lectures.

That number is zero.

(I’m blushing in embarrassment just thinking about it)

Maybe I’m being hard on myself.

I’ll revise that number…and give myself a maximum of 3 times.

I’m sure on a subconscious level, I have picked up various practices and then filed them away somewhere in the back files of my brain – but consciously, I know that all too often, I have been blown away by an amazing speaker and vowed to change my ways – yet the very next day, I have just carried on in my usual way, and completely forgotten about those promises I made to myself.

In the last couple of years alone, I have been privileged to hear (in person) the likes of Martin Seligman, Bruce Lipton, the editor of Upworthy (whose name I forget but she was very inspiring), Kerry Bone, Michelle Bridges and Alexandra Franzen…just to name a few.

All fascinating speakers with inspirational messages to share – yet I don’t think I implement much today of what I learnt from them.

What’s my point?

It’s one thing to be inspired – but unless that inspiration turns into something actionable, I don’t think it has had the effect it was meant to.

Tonight I’m going to hear Dr Libby speak. I only discovered her website and books a couple of months ago, but what I really admire about her is her ability to simplify the science – she puts in simple words everything that I have learnt throughout my six years of study. I’m really looking forward to learning from her.

Today, I’m consciously making a decision to not just be inspired tonight, but also to do something with this inspiration afterwards.

I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a new online program – and I will somehow find how I can add the new information I learn tonight, in to my program.

That’s what I’m going to do.

Now over to you…

I’d love for you to have a think back to the last time you felt really, truly inspired by someone – whether it was a talk you attended, a video you watched, or even a book you read – really think about the person behind the life-changing moment.

Got that person in your mind?

Now write down one thing that you can do today which will take those inspiring thoughts from your subconscious part of your mind, into your conscious.

You’re not finished yet.

Also – write this one thing in your diary or put a note in your calendar for 5 days from now as a little reminder to check in with yourself to see if you’re still feeling inspired.

Inspiration can be a powerful tool for creating changes in your life – but it’s important to take those extra steps, after the initial inspirational mind blowing moment has passed.

Wishing you a beautiful day filled with inspirational thoughts that change you for the better.

Thanks for reading this far – it was a long one today!

Dina x

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