Dina Savitz

Why you should include garlic in your dinner tonight

garlicWith all the bugs going around at the moment, it’s no surprise that everyone I speak to is feeling a little under the weather…

An easy solution?

Include garlic in your dinner tonight!

Garlic is the flower of power (thanks Anne McIntyre!) and has been used in healing for thousands of years due to it’s powerful antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antiparasitic effects – which means it can be used for sore throats, colds, flu, bronchial and lung infections, infections in the gut and to help re-establish beneficial bacterial populations after an infection or orthodox antibiotics. Is there anything this powerful herb can’t do?

Yes, garlic, like gingeris a herb that can also be classified under “food as medicine”. Raw garlic needs to be crushed to release enzymes that help form allicin, which breaks down to form a variety of organosulfur compounds which have been shown to be more powerful as an antibiotic than penicillin.

While there are many other medicinal properties of garlic – including its antioxidant, anti-tumour and blood pressure lowering effects – for tonight, simply add it to your dinner (after it has been crushed and left to sit for about 10 minutes before cooking) and enjoy it’s effects of killing those colds and flu.

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