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Why your skinny latte will NOT make you skinny

Next time you order your skinny latte or skim flat white or non-fat-milk capuccino or skim chai or even your reduced-fat frapuccino in an attempt to be “healthy” or “skinny”….I want you to re-think your order.

Studies are now showing that those who are choosing low-fat or non-fat dairy products are the ones who are more likely to end up not just fat, but obese (check out the science here).

Like you, I used to drink my lattes with low-fat or skim milk, as I was watching my weight, and thought that’s what you do when you’re on a diet – stick to low fat or non-fat foods. I have since learnt a little bit more about nutrition and the food I put in my mouth. While these days my coffee order is straight up black (I’ll leave the numerous health benefits of black coffee and the possible issues with dairy for another post), for today’s post I’m talking about the type of milk you’re consuming on a daily basis.

I understand how easy it is to be persuaded by fancy wording on food packaging and want to only eat foods that are skinny, low fat and non-fat, as it should make sense that if you don’t want to get fat, then you should be eating foods that are lower in fat…right?


It’s not eating fat that will make you fat – in fact, eating foods that contain more fat are likely to keep you fuller for longer. The nutrition world is currently doing a full 360 when it comes to research about the consumption of fat.

I found myself stifling a giggle recently when I went for coffee with a couple of friends, and one proceeded to order a skinny flat white, with a large chocolate croissant for breakfast – when did we get so mixed up about what’s healthy?

Maybe you find full cream milk is just too heavy, you prefer the lighter taste of low fat milk. If this sounds familiar, then drink black coffee with a drop of full cream milk – it will be even lighter (!!!) than your skim latte – and nowhere near the amount of calories! Or better yet – drink coffee the way it was meant to be – simply black with nothing added.

Worried that if you make the switch to black coffee that you’ll be missing out on your daily calcium needs?

Personally, I stay away from most dairy products, but I make sure I get my calcium from tinned salmon, sardines, nuts, and lots of green leafy vegetables.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve made the switch from skinny to full fat.

Dina x

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